Windy Words and Actions for the Under Fives

This page builds on the introduction on the Windy Weather page. There is an introduction on that page, some hints on preparation and a list of resources. Many of these relate to the other activities which are listed at the bottom of this page. The activities on this page are perhaps best used as a conclusion to the other work. The children will need to have done work particularly on What is Wind?

These activities involve singing, poetry, story and drama. The What is Wind PowerPoint my be useful as an inspiration for poetry or singing.

Songs about the wind

Some of these songs are sung to well known tunes, others have music to listen to so that the tune can be learnt. It would be nice to have some wind sound effects to go with the songs. Perhaps some of the children could take turns to make the sound of the wind blowing.

Some of these songs are action songs which encourage the children to join in.
KIDiddles (the ones chosen all have musical accompaniment)
Autumn Leaves Action Song
Simple song with actions described. Music file plays the tune. A song sheet can be printed out.
Autumn Leaves song
Simple song with easy words. Could be developed into a dance/drama activity
Bring Your kites
Very simple song sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This one would be easy for the children to sing themselves.
The Windmill
Simple song about a windmill.

Wind Poetry

Poems are great to listen to, make up actions for, and to recite.

The Wind by Courtney Hicks
(I think there is one grammatical error you may wish to correct)

Who has seen the wind?

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I or you
But when the leaves hang trembling
The wind is passing through

Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I
But when the trees bow down their heads
The wind is passing by.

By Christina Rosetti

(See a picture of her at )

Story / Drama

The wind and the sun
This is a great story to act out. There are many versions available. Although links are included below, remember that to tell the story, with no words to read is also very powerful
This one has lovely poetic words in it.

 For a drama activity let all the children try out being;

  • Birds clinging to the trees in windy weather and getting blown away at a given sign (clash of a cymbal?)
  • Leaves flying about in the wind. Ask them to settle to the ground at a given sign (shake of maracas?)
  • The traveler in the 2 sorts of weather

Add other ideas to suit the situation. Finish by splitting the children into different groups and acting out the story. Select music to go with the drama or set a group of children to make the sounds to go with the two sorts of weather.

The Full List of Activities

What is wind?
Who Measures the Wind?
Making a wind measurer
Songs about the wind
Wind Poetry
Wind Story