Weather History

The weather has been of interest to man and beast throughout the ages. Both the old weather instruments and the people who invented them or used them are interesting.

The Tower of the Winds

The Tower of the Winds is one of the most famous buildings connected with the weather. It is very old and shows that people have been interested in the weather from early times. The weather has always affected people's lives. This was even more so in the days before we could preserve food easily, or buy it easily from shops.
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Tower of the winds in Athens

Weather Glass

Rises and falls in air pressure can be seen using this beautiful device. When the air pressure is high the water will be low in the spout. This may bring fine weather. When the water is high, or when it even spills over, the air pressure is low and bad weather may follow. This is a very ornamental weather tool. This Modern reproduction one even has a drip tray for spills.

poor man's weather glass