The Under Fives Weather Page

This page is a brief introduction to a huge pool of resources for supporting weather work by a garden theme wind measurerthe under fives. Jump to the page on Windy Weather to access a wealth of resources. See the product of one of the activities on the right.

This section is intended for use by adults with under fives that need lively and educational activities about the weather. Hopefully the concepts developed through the various activities will lead to a better understanding of the weather.

Very young meteorologists are just as keen as older ones. This web page will soon link to more pages with supporting materials to allow the under fives to have fun whilst learning about the weather. This work fits in very well with objectives about exploring their surroundings. In each theme there is an assortment of activities with supporting materials. The user can choose and adapt the materials best suited to their requirements.

These pages are still under construction, so please be patient if they do not quite work as expected.

Windy Weather

These pages provide a series of small activities which can be used over a couple of weeks. Some are for the whole group; some will be for small groups. They are intended to be used as a pick and mix, select which activities are best for your requirements and adapt them to suit. There are lots of supporting resources!

Click on the link to go to Windy Weather.

Activities on the Windy Weather pages include:

ms powerpoint picture
a person looking at a weather vane

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What is wind?
Includes an MS PowerPoint file with videos.
Who Measures the Wind?
Includes images and videos of amateur wind observers.
Making a wind measurer
If you make some of these, send us a picture of one and we may put it up here!

Rainy Days

Coming soon...