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_____General Interest
_____Why Monitor the Weather?
_____Weather History
------------The Tower of the Winds
_____Weather Stations


Setting up your Weather Station
_____More About Setting up your Weather Station

_____Weather Apparatus
_____Weather Boxes

Collecting Data

------Temperature Readings

------------More About Temperature Readings

----------_Six's Maximum and Minimum Thermometers

-----_-----Below Freezing


------------More About Humidity

------Air Pressure

------------More About Air Pressure

------Wind Measurements

------------More About Wind Measurements
------------Wind Roses and Wind Direction

------Cloud Data
------------More About Clouds


------------More About Precipitation

-------ICT and the Weather

------------More About ICT and the Weather

Tamworth, UK Weather Data

------Your Weather Data

------Making a Forecast

Teachers and Parents

------Under Fives

------------Windy Weather

----------------What is Wind and Who Measures it? for the Under Fives

----------------Making a wind measurer for the Under Fives

----------------Windy Words and Actions for the Under Fives

----------------The Church Cockerel for the Under Fives

------------Rainy Days

------Quiz Page 1

------Quiz Page 2

------Quiz Page 3

------Weather Round the World
------Whole School Weather Activity Day



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