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Air Pressure

Find out how to use a barometer.

Below Freezing

This page is all about the special things we see around us when the weather goes below zero.


Included is a list of books to buy or borrow from the library.


Learn about the ten main clouds.

Collecting Data

Use a data collection sheet to become a weather monitor.

Contents - Files

Here you can access a list of tall of the files on this website in one list.

General Interest

Why are people so fascinated with the weather?

Home page

See the main sections of the website.


How can we find out how much water is in the air?

ICT and the Weather

Learn how to use technology to help collect accurate data, even when you are not there!

Making a Forecast

Difficult even for people whose job it is, but here are some experiments that you can try.

Making a Wind Measurer for the Under Fives

Help the children to make a wind measurer so that they can measure the strength of the wind. Examples and instructions are included. This also includes a harder version for older children.

More About Air Pressure

Look at a special instrument for recording air pressure over a period of time.

More About Clouds

Find out about unusual clouds so that you can look out for them.

More About Humidity

See how to use a whirling hygrometer and find out why it is so useful.

More About ICT and the Weather

Here there is more information about some of the examples on the ICT page. There are also other examples of how ICT can help us with weather activities.

More About Precipitation

Find out about other devices, including those which can automatically record rain data.

More About Temperature Readings

Find out about other interesting temperature readings. Some of these use special thermometers that are not so common. Could you record soil temperature?

More About Setting up Your Weather Station

See some examples of different sites for weather stations. Read the comments to help you with choosing the site for your weather instruments.

More About Wind Measurements

How can I record wind speed more accurately? What is wind? Look on this page to find out.


This page contains a few details about the web authors, acknowledgements and disclaimer details.


Rain, snow, hail or sleet, how much was there?

Quiz Page 1

Try your hand at reading the rain gauge and a barometer.

Quiz Page 2

Try your hand at reading some thermometers.

Quiz Page 3

Try your hand at reading working out wind direction using a weather vane.

Setting up your Weather Station

Site your instruments in the best way possible.

Site map

This page shows the structure of the site. It compliments this Contents page where there are more details of files on the site

Six's Maximum and Minimum Thermometers

This page tells you about this common and useful type of thermometer. There are two example videos.


Without the sun there would be no weather at all! Find out why and discover some fun facts.

Teacher and Parents

For hints on how to use this website for educational purposes look on this page.

Temperature Readings

Find out about some of the main ways of recording how warm it is.

Tower of the Winds

This page gives an insight into the history of measuring the weather. It Links with Ancient Greece and takes us to modern day Greece too.

Under Fives Weather Pages

This page will eventual lead to pages on a few weather topics. Currently the main ones are about Windy Weather. They are full of idea, things to do, and resources.

Weather Apparatus

Find out here what are the key items you will need to run your own weather station.

Weather Boxes

Find out here how to buy or make a weather box to keep your thermometers in.

Weather Data

This weather data is collected at small weather station near Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK. The site is in the garden of a house on a large housing estate. Two levels of weather files are supplied, one basic and one more advanced. Details of what the data represents is also included.

Weather History

This page is going to be developed to give information on a selection of historical topics related to the weather.

Weather Issues

There is a lot we don't know about the weather. Some things people are still trying to find out about.

Weather Round the World

Find out more about the weather round the world. This includes some work on climate too.

Weather Stations

Look at a picture of a real weather station. The current one is in Kew Gardens, London, UK. More will be added as they are photographed.


Look at the variety of weather sites on the internet.

What is Wind and Who Measures it? for the Under Fives

This page introduces the Windy Weather topic for the under fives. the first section has suggestions for helping the children to understand what wind is, at a very basic level. There are then details about who measures the strength and direction of the wind. There are lots of resources and lots of ideas for things to do.

Whole School Weather Activity Day

These resources provide ideas and materials to support a themed whole primary school day on the weather. They include activities for seven groups, from pre-school to eleven year olds. This provides an opportunity to focus on the weather and enjoy cross-curricular activities that are pleasant and educational.

Why Measure the Weather?

It is useful to know what uses weather measurements are put to. On this page you can see how specialist weather stations at the side of the road are looking after the road surfaces and making driving safer.

Wind Measurements

Even without instruments you can give a precise description of how windy it is.

Wind Roses and Wind Direction

If you want to learn to forecast the weather, knowing the wind direction will be very important. Find out how to make use of your data to help predict the weather.

Windy Weather for the Under Fives

This page links to other Windy Weather pages brimming with ideas and resources on teaching about windy weather to the under fives. Pick the ideas that are best for you. download the resources and adapt them to suit you.

Windy Words and Actions for the Under Fives

These pages have suggestions for poetry, stories, singing and drama related to windy weather.

Your Weather Data

Submit some data or a weather report to go on this page.