These URLs are meant to help with collecting weather data and observing the weather as these are the main aims of this site. They also help with comparing weather data.

Weather Underground

Type in a place name and then see all the places round the world with that same name, then choose the one you want. Otherwise type in the country after the place name (e.g. Birmingham, UK). See the current weather in detail or click on ‘Weather history for this location’. Set the date to the one you want and click on ‘view’.
Activity; Look at the forecast for a chosen location. Write it down. Wait a couple of days and use the history to see how accurate it was.

World Weather Information Services - by the World Meteorological Organisation

Lots of countries are represented on this website. Some have data for several locations. The section called ‘Climatology Information’ gives mean Daily maximum and minimum temperatures, mean total rainfall for the month and the mean number of rain days. This would be great data to compare with data collected in school.
Activity; Record similar weather data for a week. Work out the means. Compare it to the weather data for that month in several countries. Compare it to weather data for a city near you. What do you notice about the weather in the opposite hemisphere to you? Is there a difference depending on latitude?

Met Office Education

Activity; In the ‘kids’ section the weather experiments outline several useful activities relating to observing the weather and collecting data.

Today in Weather History – by Weatherforyou.com

Look at a particular month and date in history. Weather events for a variety of years are given, all in North America.
Activity; Make a list of the different types of events linked with the weather. Have you experienced any similar events?

Please note;

We have been as careful as possible in selecting these links, but the user must check the sites for other links away from the site. This is best done close to the time when sites are used, as they can change considerable. The onus is on the user to monitor the sites.

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