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Air Pressure

Find out how to use a barometer.

Cloud Data

Learn about the ten main clouds.

Collecting Data

Use a data collection sheet to become a weather monitor.

General Interest

Why are people so fascinated with the weather?

Home page

See the main sections of the website.


How can we find out how much water is in the air?

ICT and the Weather

Learn how to use technology to help collect accurate data, even when you are not there!

More About Air Pressure

Look at a special instrument for recording air pressure over a period of time.

More About Humidity

See how to use a whirling hygrometer and find out why it is so useful.

More About ICT and the Weather

Here there is more information about some of the examples on the ICT page. There are also other examples of how ICT can help us with weather activities.

More About Precipitation

Find out about other devices, including those which can automatically record rain data.

More About Temperature Readings

Find out about other interesting temperature readings. Some of these use special thermometers that are not so common. Could you record soil temperature?

More About Wind Measurements

How can I record wind speed more accurately? What is wind? Look on this page to find out.


Rain, snow, hail or sleet, how much was there?

Quiz Page 1

Try your hand at reading the rain gauge and a barometer.

Quiz Page 2

Try your hand at reading some thermometers.

Quiz Page 3

Try your hand at reading working out wind direction using a weather vane.

Setting up your Weather Station

Site your instruments in the best way possible.

Tamworth, UK Weather Data

See some example weather data collected in Staffordshire in the UK.

Temperature Readings

Find out about some of the main ways of recording how warm it is.


Look at the variety of weather sites on the internet.

Wind Measurements

Even without instruments you can give a precise description of how windy it is.


2009 April Weather Data

2009 March Weather Data

These are completed spreadsheets of weather for Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom for March 2009. There are many readings, calculations and graphs

Data collection sheet

This is an empty grid for recording the data on. Put it on a clipboard to take with you when you collect the data.


MS Excel File

This empty spreadsheet file allows you to enter in your weather data. It will make calculations and draw graphs for you.

Simple MS Excel File

This empty spreadsheet file allows you to fill in basic weather and see it graphed. It has columns for temperature and rainfall.


My Weather Report Form

Send the filled in form to us using the Contact Us link. We will try to put some of the reports up for other visitors to see.